Canadian Catholic is an on-line destination for the Canadian missionary disciple.

It is for those who seek to live lives of integrity & authenticity of faith, and to offer a bold and joyful witness to the world.

If you desire to grow in faith, understanding, and the ability to communicate meaningfully with people of the modern world, then you've come to the right place.

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Why Canadian Catholic?

Canadian Catholic was created to engage young people in relevant conversations about faith and life. It seeks to present and discuss topics that are of permanent importance in a fresh and contemporary way.

Who was Canadian Catholic created for?

Canadian Catholic will appeal to anyone who is on a sincere journey of faith, desiring to go deeper into a relationship with Jesus and his Church. It will also appeal to those who want to understand why someone would want to be on such a journey.

Canadian Catholic was created with young adults in mind (19-35).  

What kind of articles appear on this site?

We write about topics that are most relevant in a young Catholic's life. Scroll through the header bar on the main page of the site and you will see tabs that link to articles in different categories. Check out some articles, and let us know if you think something important is missing that you want to hear about.

Who writes for Canadian Catholic?

The main contributor is the fouder of the site, Josh Canning. Canadian Catholic also has guest contributors (see above), and interviews with people in Canada and abroad who bring a relevant contribution to the topic matter. 

How often are articles posted?

We ordinarily post at least 3 times weekly. You can ensure that you don't miss anything by subscribing to receive posts via email here

Do you accept article submissions?

If you think your blogging style speaks to our audience, feel free to submit an article or a link to your blog for review at submissions@canadiancatholic.net. We tend to privilege writers who work in ministry with young adults and who are already experienced bloggers. Please note that with any submission we cannot guarantee that it will be posted, but it will be given consideration. 

Who are your designers?

The design and development of the site were done by JRC9 Design. The concept and design of the Rosary-maple leaf logo were done by Michael Dave Dizon. I recommend them both for their creative skill and professionalism.

Other questions?

If your question was not addressed above, or if you have questions on faith topics that may be addressed in a future post, please send them to info@canadiancatholic.net.