6 Reasons It's Harder than Ever to Trust in Trudeau

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6 Reasons It's Harder than Ever to Trust in Trudeau


This post may bother some readers. 

I don't expect that everyone who reads Canadian Catholic votes exactly the way I do. And when I write articles on politics it often ruffles a few feathers. But I think it's important to be civically-minded and to discuss the performance of our political leaders at election time but also year round. 

Recently, our prime minister did something that I thought was really sad and deplorable concerning an elected MP named Rachael Harder. But as I reflected upon this sad behavior it made me think of a number other things he has done that I haven't written about. So here is a (very) incomplete list of things that are worth noting. 

Here are 6 reasons that Trudeau made it harder than ever to trust him:

1. Cultural imperialism

There is this weird double standard in Canada. Some of our citizens believe it is totally off-base to criticize any cultural belief others hold. When they come to our country, we say that the diversity they bring, no matter how contrary to mainstream Canadian values, makes us stronger.

So why does Trudeau believe it is ok to tie foreign aid dollars to the provision of abortion in countries that do not want abortion? Why does Trudeau use our tax dollars ($650 million of them) to force abortion on countries that don’t want it? Where it is even illegal?

Why did he recently urge the Irish PM to liberalize Ireland’s abortion laws?

This is deeply offensive. It is dishonourable and even deplorable. Many of our bishops have called this what it is- cultural imperialism.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t laud diversity and at the same time force a deeply flawed, Western response to pregnancy on other nations of the world. But Trudeau happily does.

Perhaps he sees abortion as the one, absolute, universal good? Or wait, he actually said as much?!?

Which brings us to #2.

2. Abortion

Some people object to abortion in all cases (raises hand). Some object to it in some cases. Some are uncomfortable with the reality of what happens in abortion, but are also uncomfortable telling women what to do in a situation of unwanted pregnancy. And some, passionately laud abortion as though it were a cure for cancer.

Justin Trudeau is the last kind.

He took the unprecedented step of barring pro-life candidates from running in the Liberal Party. As mentioned above he forces Canadians to pay for abortions (through taxation) not only at home but in foreign countries where it is illegal.

He will not hesitate to grab a photo op with the giant of the human extermination industry, Planned Parenthood. 

It is simply hard to imagine anyone loving abortion more than Trudeau. It is sick and disgusting that anyone would trumpet the destruction of vulnerable, innocent human beings the way he does, and I don’t know what else to say about it.

So let’s move on to #3.

3. Sexism

Justin Trudeau styles himself as progressive on gender issues. Yet he can be weird and self-contradicting in this area to the point it becomes uncomfortable.

A perfect example is when he “balanced” his cabinet along gender lines, 15 men and 15 women (the first time this has been done).

Nice symbol, right? But when asked by another world leader why he took this approach instead of basing his selections on merit he apparently replied that he would have even fewer men if he based it on talent.

Weird. And yikes. As Chris Selly noted, Trudeau’s comments revealed something very odd. He essentially admitted to passing over more talented candidates for men, specifically because they were men. Taking him at his word, he discriminated based on gender, choosing less qualified men over more qualified women. 

We have a word for giving someone a job over a more qualified candidate based on sex: sexism!

Personally I wonder whether Trudeau really meant what he said or if he was just trying to sound cool. But I think his display regarding number 6 below demonstrates that our sexy PM is kind of sexist.

4. Admiration of Communism

Are you getting tired yet? Me too, but let’s keep going.

In 2013 Trudeau expressed genuine admiration for communist efficiency.

When asked which other country he admired, Trudeau singled out China:

"There's a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime."

These comments prompted backlash from Asian-Canadians who had suffered at the hands of China’s dictatorship, a country whose human rights abuses are legion and hardly need be listed here.

Lest you think he simply misspoke, he erased any uncertainty about his tolerance for communist dictatorships with his absurd, tone deaf statement upon the death of Fidel Castro, speaking of his love for the Cuban people and their affection for him.

The insanity prompted the amazing swarm of mock #TrudeauEulogies on the internet.


5. Insincerity

How many examples I could put here… 

Let’s just do this one. When President Trump issued his temporary ban on immigration from certain high-risk countries, Trudeau swooped in an responded with a famous/infamous tweet:

Great move, right? Show yourself to be so much more inclusive and chivalrous than your counterpart in the USA.

Until they started showing up, crossing the border from the US into Canada illegally by the hundreds per day. At which point, of course, Trudeau had to walk his meaningless promise back

Said Conservative MP and immigration critic Michelle Rempel: “Our system now is in shambles, and I think a lot of this has to do with the messaging — the inconsistent messaging — that has been coming out of Justin Trudeau’s personal communication shop.”

6. Rachael Harder

This one follows from sexism and abortion, but I will give it its own for its recency. Racheal was nominated by Conservative leader Andrew Scheer to chair the Standing Committee on the Status of Women. At her hearing, all the Liberal members walked out in protest.

Why? Because Rachael Harder is pro-life. And how could anyone who is pro-life possibly care about the status of women, right guys?

Because of this gross and shameful display, when they reconvened later the nomination ended up going to someone else who expressly said she didn’t want it.

The opposition to the ruling party is tasked with nominating this position. Why have this set up if the Liberals will only accept nominations who see everything exactly the way they do? How does that respect our democratic processes?

Yet Trudeau, king of feminism, defended the actions of his MPs, saying:

“(Defending women’s rights) is sorta the point of the status of women’s committee.”

And in Trudeau-speak, women’s rights don’t necessarily include the right to be elected a democratic representative and appointed to an important committee on the status of women. Women’s rights begin and end with the right to take an unborn child’s life.

Leave it to Trudeau, not a woman, to tell you about women’s rights. 

Leave it to Trudeau, not a woman, to tell you about women’s rights.

Related: Liberals’ moral arrogance on full display in fight over Status of Women chair, by Andrew Coyne

These aren’t my favourite posts to write. It's kind of depressing, and I didn't even get into his weakness on terrorism, weakness on religious freedom, his ham-fisted and possibly hypocritical tax reform or badly-failed efforts at democratic reform, or his pot smoking as an MP while it was illegal (the original title of this post was "10 Things I Hate about Trudeau" but it was too exhausting to finish!). 

As a Christian I don’t believe in writing off anyone completely. I believe there is hope for everyone! And I think Trudeau is capable of conversion and could end up being a good guy when all is said and done.

But I think he has proven himself to be a poor reflection of leadership, an insincere person, and a bad example for young people. Further his rigourist take on abortion demonstrates that he is callous and unfeeling with regards to the most vulnerable among us, and will force his underlings to adopt his stance.

My hope is that in reading this post you have been convinced that Trudeau is not fit to lead and that a vote for him in the next election is a bad choice.

I also hope that you will consider campaigning in your riding for a non-Liberal candidate in the next election. Trudeau has promised no pro-life candidates, so he makes the decision for another party an easy one (hello Conservatives!).

And maybe show Rachael Harder some love on Twitter.

Canada needs great leaders. Failing that she needs at least respectable leaders. Failing that, she needs at least leaders who will not drive her into the ground.

Sadly, Trudeau is none of the above. 

Here are 6 reasons to vote out Trudeau in the next election — Josh Canning

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